Another domestic first set of key forgings through the identification!


Rotor forgings bear huge centrifugal force when running at high speed, so the strength, plasticity and toughness of forgings are very high requirements, is one of the neck technology. The forgings of compressor stage 5, the first prototype of China's second 300MW Class F heavy gas turbine, have passed the first qualification.

A few days ago, China's first 300MW Class F heavy duty gas turbine prototype compressor fifth stage wheel forgings successfully passed the first qualification in the secondary equipment. Experts from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Complete Set institute and Dongfang Electric fully affirmed.

Compressor wheel forging is an important part of the 300MW class F heavy duty gas turbine compressor. Erheavy Equipment, together with the Institute of Metal Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology Beijing, and the three major power industry chain dominant units, successfully conquered a number of core technologies through the "trial Production Project of 300MW Ultra-pure Steel Compressor Wheel Forgings".

Since the supply contract for key components of the first 300MW Class F heavy duty gas turbine prototype was signed on February 26, 2021, The Second Heavy Equipment has always been user-centered, taking this project as a major project, strictly implementing the contract execution plan, strengthening manufacturing process control and ensuring product quality.

The successful appraisal of the fifth stage compressor disc forgings marks a major breakthrough in the manufacture of the first prototype rotor forgings produced by Deyang Second Heavy Equipment.