What problems should be paid attention to when forging normalizing?


Forgings requiring less decarburization layer should be heated by protective atmosphere. Forgings can not be too much furnace loading, and annealing should be less than, easy to operate.

In the heating process of normalizing, attention should be paid to running gently and heating insufficient. When the forgings are taken out of the furnace for air cooling, pay attention to cooling apart, do not pile up air cooling, increase the uniformity of cooling.

Slender rods should be hung on shelves and cooled vertically to prevent deformation. Forgings can not be stacked on the damp ground for cooling to prevent local quenching.

When using blast or spray cooling, do not face the forging in a single direction, pay attention to the uniformity of cooling, to prevent uneven hardness and organization of the workpiece.

For large and complex shape of the workpiece, should be used in the air first fast cooling, cooling to the workpiece black red to slow cooling, for example, the forgings into the sand pit hot or furnace cooling.

For low carbon steel or large parts require higher hardness, refinement of the organization, choose air or spray cooling.