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Pre-sales service, we have a professional pre-sales technical team to evaluate the drawings for you to ensure that the correct products are forged for you. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring quality, we can also design the most cost-effective forging plan for you. Our pre-sales service team will work closely with the production department, technical department, financial department, and administrative department to ensure that you place the order smoothly.

Sales service: One-to-one sales staff will be responsible for all matters of your order, track production, supervise quality, and transportation until you are satisfied with the receipt of the goods.

Quality assurance: control according to the quality control requirements of the control plan and inspection instruction, and conduct regular product audits and quality process audits (process capability target CPK≥1.67). Monthly quality meeting to formulate and implement continuous improvement projects.

After-sales service: Once the after-sales department receives customer complaints, they will communicate with customers to collect abnormal traceability information or pictures, and retrospectively confirm the products in process, inventory, and products in transit. Conduct  relevant size and performance inspection analysis or relevant test verification according to the fault status (if necessary, quality engineers and technical engineers can go to the customer site or after-sales market to confirm and find the cause). The Quality Department organizes personnel from relevant departments to set up a problem solving team to conduct cause analysis (such as fishbone diagram, 5Why, QC techniques, etc.), and prepare corrective and preventive measures reports.

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