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Making method of stamping die for ball neck arm forgings

【 Technical field 】

[0001] The utility model relates to a stamping die, which is characterized by a stamping die for a ball neck arm forgings.

【 Background Technology 】

[0002] In the prior art, it is necessary to punch the middle hole on the ball neck forgings with the punching die on the 160 ton closed press, and then remove the ball neck forgings from the 160 ton press, and then transfer them to the 630 ton press to correct the ball neck forgings with the thermal correction die. This process due to first punching and then correction, the middle hole wall is thin, no skin support after correction is out of round, into an oval, can not meet the requirements; If the first correction and then punching, due to the process is too long, the temperature of the middle hole wall and the skin is reduced, after punching the middle hole wall deformation is large, need to be corrected again; And cost two equipment, two operators, single production time is long, low production efficiency and high cost.

Punching die for ball neck connecting arm forging

The ball neck connecting arm forging die comprises an upper die seat and a lower mold seat, placed in the upper die seat module and an upper die plate, is arranged on the lower die seat of the module and the mould plate and fixed on the lower die seat pillar, mounted on the upper die seat for positioning the guide Posts guide sleeve is installed on the upper die and the lower die seat number is used to adjust the upper module and a lower module position adjusting bolt is provided with first through holes on the die holder, in the module is provided with second through holes in the lower die plate is provided with third through holes, and the first through hole, second hole and third hole coaxial, at both ends of the lower end of the lower mould seat are respectively provided with a cushion block, the projection plane of the first through hole in the gap between the two cushion blocks, includes one from the first and second through holes through the punch, punch the height is less than the block Thickness.