Construction machinery parts development - bucket teeth


Since the second half of 2016, the industry has entered a new round of rising cycle. Although excavator sales have repeatedly hit new highs, the agency channel profits have been repeatedly diluted due to the impact of the continuous price war. Agents who have long relied on the incremental market to earn the price difference have reached a critical moment in the post-transition market.

Construction machinery industry is a very vertical traditional industry. The deep integration of construction machinery and the Internet requires the right time, the right place and the right people. If the timing is wrong or the business model is not mature, it can go from pioneer to pioneer. Qian Guanghui believes that the construction machinery + Internet industry tuyere has come.

First, after decades of development, China construction machinery industry has become more open and diversified, though the agent in the industry value chain is relatively weak, but in the industry has a certain size and strength agents have mastered a certain discourse, had the game in the industry value chain of capital and reserves.

Secondly, in the context of the precarious profits of new phones, agents are willing and able to enter the field of post-market. Many agents have made positive attempts in the field of post-market, such as the second phone remanufacturing, new phone leasing, accessories e-commerce and so on. No matter successful or not, they have accumulated certain experience.

Third, smart phones, the Internet of things and other new intelligent tools and technical means for the cross-border integration of construction machinery and the Internet provide means and unlimited possibilities, but also greatly expand the depth and breadth of Internet technology access to traditional industries.

The choice of cooperation mode of collection and supply is not achieved overnight, nor is it a reckless decision of "beating the head" type, but after long-term thinking and verification, is a set of mature business mode that can be successfully implemented and realize the closed loop of post-market business of construction machinery.

Bucket teeth are typical wearing parts and standard parts of excavators. They have large demand, high freight, high identification and relatively fast update frequency, which are very suitable for centralized procurement and dispersed digestion. Centralized procurement can effectively improve the bargaining power of agents, compress the channel link, truly achieve "no middlemen earn price difference", the channel profits to agents and users, enhance the competitiveness of agents in the post-market operation, so as to benefit the majority of construction machinery user groups. In turn, through centralized procurement and direct supply from manufacturers, we can attract first-line parts manufacturers such as Wanguan Casting industry to become our partners and gradually establish a strong supply chain system.

In addition to choosing the right business model and procurement target, the credibility of the platform and the execution of the team are also important factors to ensure the lasting cooperation. Many of the agents involved in the bucket gear collection are "ashes level" players who entered the industry in the early 1990s. After ups and downs in the industry, they have accumulated a good reputation and credibility in the construction machinery industry, which can be recognized by parts manufacturers and the market. At the same time, haojihui platform can go to today, is inseparable from the great help of agents in the industry. Agents groups come together for a common vision, form a synergy, and realize the complementary advantages of resources. No matter how difficult the journey to explore the post-market, they can go through hardships and stay together.

The exploration starts with the post-market. "Post-market is a huge cake" has become the industry consensus, affected by the degree of post-market openness, agents are difficult to achieve a share of the pie. In addition, its own non-standard service price is high, low efficiency, manufacturers under the mechanism of a large number of customers lost. In qian Guanghui's view, agents should become the mainstream of the post-market, and how to seek greater value in the industry? We need to make some positive attempts to embrace the Internet and promote the sustainable development of the whole agency channel.