Excavator bucket tooth


Excavator bucket tooth is an important part of excavator, similar to human teeth, but also vulnerable parts, is composed of a combination of tooth base and tip bucket teeth, the two are connected by the pin shaft. As the tip of bucket teeth is worn out, it is only necessary to replace the tip.

Industry outlook

Due to the impact of the financial crisis, our country actively stimulate domestic demand, so that the domestic bucket tooth market has a positive effect, so that many domestic bucket tooth manufacturers have a good market prospect.

Common product

The more commonly used import excavators in the market are: Carter, Komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo, God Steel, hyundai and so on. Domestic excavator commonly used are: Xugong, Yuchai, Shangong, Sany Heavy Industry, Lingong, Mountain push, Foton Thunder, Liugong, Xiagong, cheng Gong, Longgong, Shanhe intelligent, Zoomlion heavy Science and so on.

For the excavator bucket teeth in addition to the original factory production, the domestic bucket tooth manufacturer mainly in ningbo and shandong, common brands are: east ningxia bucket tooth, shunde bucket tooth, neutron stars, teng head bucket tooth, tianheng dipper teeth, running of the dipper teeth (BY), LuKun bucket tooth, diamond bucket tooth, crown bucket tooth, ship bucket tooth, jinfeng bucket tooth, couplet peak bucket tooth, etc.

The process flow

Bucket tooth process: sand casting, forging and pressing casting, precision casting. Sand casting: the lowest cost at the same time the technological level and bucket tooth quality is not as good as precision casting and forging casting. Forging and casting: the highest cost at the same time the level of technology and bucket tooth quality is the best. Precision casting: the cost is moderate but the requirements of raw materials are very strict, and the process level is relatively high. Some precision casting bucket teeth have higher wear resistance and quality than forging and casting bucket teeth due to ingredients. Precision casting bucket teeth is the mainstream manufacturing technology in the market.

here is real pictures of our excavator bucket tooth:

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