Tongxin professional R& D and manufacturing automotive forgings


China ranks first in the output of alumina and electrolytic aluminum, and has rich labor resources and a huge consumer market, which provides a good foundation for the development of Aluminum alloy parts industry in China. With the improvement of industrial performance requirements, the technical requirements of aluminum alloy parts are becoming higher and higher. The quality consistency, microstructure uniformity and performance stability of aluminum alloy forgings must be further improved by forging process and quality control.
Tongxin precision forging co., LTD is a professional production of forging aluminum alloy forging aluminum alloy crank and bicycle accessories manufacturers, with years of experience in aluminum alloy products forging processing, from product design, forging, machining to surface treatment, performance testing the whole process can be completed in  aluminum, can greatly save the production cost, with the strength of aluminum's main products are: Cold forging cold extrusion parts, aluminum alloy sprocket crank, forging aluminum auto aluminum forgings, scooter, fire control arm joint forging aluminum alloy parts, forging aluminum pedal bracket, front safety hook, plus or minus toothed sprocket crank, forging aluminum automotive connecting rod, motor chain wheel gripper, forging aluminum caliper disc brake pump, mountain bike sprocket crank, high-speed forging aluminum alloy, etc.
Aluminum alloy forgings in the enterprise production value accounts for the relatively small, therefore cannot draw high attention to quality problems, in technology research, equipment modification, forging process, heat treatment process, there is no systematic analysis and in-depth thinking, especially in forging crack, forgings coarse grain, surface quality and polishing processing, machining deformation of stress cracking and lack of analysis and research. In view of these problems, the system should be upgraded and improved in the mold processing accuracy, lubricants, heating temperature, surface protection and treatment and other aspects, to improve the quality stability of aluminum forgings, better participate in the international market competition. Therefore, the focus on aluminium alloy forging production, forging process parameters setting, forging blocking, forging, heat treatment, testing and mold production, study and control the use of lubricant, reducing production cost and manpower cost, and shorten the processing cycle, reduce rework and repair, strengthen aluminum alloy forgings surface control, improve the qualified rate of a test, It is a difficult problem to be solved for aluminum alloy forging.

As one of the world's largest producers and consumers of non-ferrous metal castings, China's non-ferrous metal casting has become an important emerging industry supporting the development of the national economy, among which aluminum alloy parts industry is the pillar of non-ferrous metal casting industry, which will also drive the development of the whole aluminum alloy forging industry. Tongxin precision forging co., LTD., will seize the opportunities and challenge, brave adhere to improve product quality, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign counterparts advanced technology and management methods, to further improve and perfect the company's quality management system, continuously improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises, provide the customers with high quality aluminum alloy forging products processing.