Forging industry technical characteristics and technical level


In the field of civilian goods, forging industry is a fully marketized industry with numerous market participants and fierce competition, but there is still a certain threshold to enter the industry. Such as supply ship products to obtain corresponding classification society certification, production for pressure vessel products need to get the "special equipment manufacturing license (pressure piping components), to some in the industry well-known customers, such as the customer of the supplier qualification, such as the long time needed for qualification certification process and there is a certain difficulty, the formation of a certain industry barriers to entry.

In the field of military products, military equipment suppliers generally participate in the design and finalize the design of military equipment at the preliminary design stage and become one of the alternative suppliers of the military equipment. After the forging products that participate in the design and trial production of military equipment pass the inspection, the forging manufacturer can usually become the supplier of the military equipment. In addition, military equipment finalize the design generally needs to go through several stages, such as demonstration, development, testing, testing, trial production and so on. The verification time is long and the investment is large. Therefore, military equipment enterprises generally select a few enterprises with strong comprehensive strength to participate in the finalize the equipment, and the replacement cost of suppliers after passing the appraisal is relatively high. In recent years, part of the military equipment manufacturers also by expanding the scope of the supplier selection to ensure the availability of the form a complete set of components, and diversify its upstream supply risk, so some excellent forging industry enterprises seize the moment and also by part of military equipment suppliers range of favorable opportunity, successfully entered the and other ancillary equipment suppliers list. Due to the above particularity of military equipment, the number of supporting suppliers for the finalized military equipment is relatively limited, and the industry is in a pattern of limited competition.