The technical characteristics and technical level of the industry


Although China has become the world's largest forgings output, but because of the late development of domestic forgings enterprises, and limited by the development of basic science, there is still a certain gap between domestic forgings manufacturers and developed countries in terms of overall technical level, especially high-end forgings products. But with the rapid development of China's industry in recent years, since the "twelfth Five-Year plan", China's forging industry technology has made great progress, part of the product technology, quality has reached the international advanced level.

The main factors that determine the technical level of forging industry are equipment, materials and processing technology. From the aspect of equipment, except for a few advanced manufacturing equipment that need to be imported, the main forging equipment has been localized and can basically meet the needs of domestic forging enterprises, thus greatly reducing the cost of equipment procurement; However, in the field of high-end forging equipment, although the gap between domestic and foreign countries is gradually narrowing, some high-end equipment such as forging press and ring rolling machine still have a certain gap in equipment quality, stability, processing accuracy and other aspects compared with the top level of foreign countries. From the perspective of materials, the development of raw materials used in the domestic forging industry is extremely uneven. Ordinary forging materials such as carbon steel, ordinary alloy steel and stainless steel have sufficient capacity, rich categories and relatively stable quality. However, the special forging materials such as superalloy, titanium alloy, aerospace aluminum alloy and other high-end materials lack of research and development level, quality instability, some categories still rely on imports and other problems, there is still a big gap compared with foreign developed countries. In terms of processing technology, the overall production technology of China's forging industry has been relatively mature, but the production technology level of high-end forgings is affected by technology, equipment, talents and lack of experience, and the performance is uneven. Therefore, on the whole, China's forging industry still has a great space for development.

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