What are the characteristics of forging products?


Forging is mainly used in automobiles and general machinery. This is a method of processing metal plastic deformation by using a forging press. For example, some plates and profiles mostly use forgings. What are the characteristics of forging forging? Compared with casting, the microstructure and mechanical properties of forged metal are improved. After hot deformation, the original coarse dendrites and columnar crystals change into equiaxed recrystallization structure due to the deformation and recrystallization of the metal. The grains are fine and uniform, and the original segregation, porosity, porosity and slag inclusion are formed. By pressing and welding the metal in the ingot, the microstructure is more compact and the plastic and mechanical properties of the metal are improved. The mechanical properties of castings are lower than those of forgings of the same material. In addition, the forging process can ensure the continuity of the metal fiber structure, so that the fiber structure of the forgings is consistent with the shape of the forgings, to ensure good mechanical properties and long service life, precision forging, cold extrusion, warm extrusion and other processes of forging castings are incomparable.

Forging is the plastic transformation of metal into the desired shape or the appropriate compression force, usually through the use of a hammer or pressure. Forging process establishes fine grain structure and improves physical properties of metal. In the actual use of the parts, the correct design allows the particles to flow to the main pressure. Casting is the metal form obtained through a variety of casting methods, that is, through casting, injection, suction or other casting methods, will have a certain shape, size and performance of the object, through cooling, polishing, cleaning and post-treatment of the object, pouring into the pre-forming mold. Forging is one of the main processing methods to provide the blank of mechanical parts in the machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, it is widely used in gold, mines, automobiles, tractors, harvesters and other industries, playing an important role in our daily life.

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