Precision forging -China modern production plant


Tongxin precision forging co., LTD., the main production of engineering machinery accessories, forging, forging parts, forging, fork, etc. Product line is mainly for the automotive chassis, transmission, steering system, as well as high-speed power catenary, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and lifting forklift truck and other types of manufacturers to provide die forgings and machining parts products supporting services. There are 20 forging production lines based on 4000T, 2500T, 1600T, 1000T, 630T, 400T electric screw presses and friction presses, and 30 machining production lines based on machining centers and CNC machine tools. With product design, research and development, mold manufacturing, forging, machining, heat treatment, test of the ability of production, the company mainly to the domestic and foreign large automobile (commercial vehicles, passenger cars, tractors, automobile gearbox factory, motorcycle shock absorber company, railway electrification, lifting forklift manufacturers to provide supporting services, such as, At the same time, it has established business relations with the United States, Japan, Italy, Britain, France, Mexico, India, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, the Middle East and other countries.

The new construction machinery parts are recommended, and it is our honor to serve our customers. The construction machinery parts provided by our company are supervised by special people in the production and manufacturing, and each batch of products are strictly checked, and the product quality is reliable. Construction machinery parts to demand for the main sales target, has a good reputation. Changli will also reward our customers with better quality, more satisfactory service and more reasonable price.

The following is the modern production plant of our company: