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Free forging is a process method of forging metal billet into shape by using simple and universal tools such as flat anvil, punch, cutter, drain plate and pliers on hammer or hydraulic press. It is one of the methods of metal pressure processing. Free forging is divided into manual forging and machine forging. With the development of forging technology, hand forging has been gradually eliminated. Machine forging because of its use of different equipment, and divided into hammer free forging and hydraulic press free forging.

The advantages of free forging are: the tools used in forging are simple, universal, the production preparation cycle is short, and the flexibility is large, so the use of a wide range, especially suitable for single piece, small batch production. Free forging generally requires much less equipment capacity than die forging, so it dominates the production of large forgings. Key parts in heavy machinery manufacturing, such as motor and turbine rotor, spindle, high pressure vessel cylinder, rudder rod, big tooth ring, generator guard ring and roll, are all produced by free forging process.

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