Forging shows a good trend of development


People all know the importance of forgings for a person's life, people all know that there is not a kind of aluminum generation and conveyor belt in the factory, in fact, the ring forgings caterpillar processing plant is an indispensable thing. In fact, this is closely related to the metal texture of the forgings themselves. Under the condition of modern technology, any kind of metal material can be made into forgings or parts by casting, only the difficulty is different.
Forgings are becoming more and more accurate, and can reach or even exceed the usual precision level of mechanical processing. Such as all kinds of cold temperature kneading standard parts, precision forging gear, precision forging blade, precision forging shaft parts; Forgings component is more and more large, with the emergence of large hydraulic press, the component of free forgings exceeds one hundred tons, the outer diameter of the die forging also reaches more than 100 cm; The disorderly degree of forgings has also been significantly improved because of the presentation of multi-parting surface, hollow pipe with Ford line can now be directly formed in special forging equipment.
A very important factor of forgings is ring forgings, which is a necessary product for forgings processing plants, and all aspects need to pay attention to is also about the joint construction conveyor belt processing considerations. I hope you can have a pair of piercing eyes and buy their own forging. Forging is a method of processing metal. The biggest advantage of this method is that it can increase the performance of metal itself at the same time of forging, because in the process of forging, the faults and gaps inside the metal billet will be removed. In fact, the combination degree of metal particles inside the metal is increased in the process of forging. This removes excess impurities from the metal during forging.

The principle of the radial rolling ring is that the driving roller is the active roller, and the rotary rolling motion and the linear feeding motion are carried out simultaneously. The core roller is a passive roller, which makes a driven rotary rolling motion. The guide roller and the signal roller are free to turn the driven roller. Under the action of the driving roller, the rolling pass formed by the driving roller and the core roller produces continuous local plastic deformation, which makes the thick wall of the ring forgings reduce, the diameter expands and the section hub forms.

When the ring forgings are deformed by multi-rotation rolling and the diameter expands to a predetermined size, the outer circular surface of the forgings contacts the signal roller, and the drive roller stops the linear feed movement and returns, and the rolling process ends. In the rolling process, the guide roll ensures the smooth rotation of the forging. In the radial rolling ring, the driving roller is driven by the motor, and the linear feed is driven by the hydraulic or pneumatic device, but driven by the friction. Radial ring rolling equipment has simple structure and is widely used in the rolling production of medium and small forgings.