Top ten brands of active roll forgings of China four-roll calender


Four roller calender refers to the calender with four rollers, rollers arranged in the form of T type, L type, S type and Z type, with high efficiency, high precision. It is mainly used for precision rolling of non-ferrous metal, absorbing material, shielding material and magnetic material.
Four roller calender is divided into the following two kinds:
1. Ordinary calender: the domestic widely used ordinary four-roll calender is φ 610×1730T four-roll calender.
2. Precision calender: in addition to the main parts of ordinary calender, also adopted a series of measures to improve the accuracy of calender, calender speed and convenient operation. There are mainly inclined T type, S type (φ 700×1800), Z type [2], which is mainly composed of roller, frame, roller distance adjustment device, roller temperature adjustment device, transmission device, lubrication system, control system and roll removal device. In addition to the main parts and devices of ordinary calendering machine, the precision calendering machine has been added to ensure the accuracy of the device.
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At present, in continuous rolling production line at home and abroad, decorate most of the main driver of the rolling machine is the motor and reducer using soft connection, motor and reducer connected by belt, reducer directly installed on the main drive roller, without any other active roller surface friction material, the roller press is a large, low speed, heavy equipment, roller press took four feet, Reducer output torque moment can reach 450000 n · M, this distance is passed to the steel band, the steel belt drive roller is running again, due to the low friction coefficient of steel on steel, steel under the condition of high temperature on friction coefficient of steel, combined with roller press itself is a heating device, so the steel strip during operation may produce crawling, skid phenomenon, The roller press is a key equipment in the roller line, if the phenomenon of crawling, slipping will seriously lead to the quality of the finished plate, affecting the normal production line.