Production development and present situation of forging industry


Under the condition of modern technology level, almost any kind of metal material can be made into forging or parts by forging method, but the degree of difficulty is different. With the emergence of large hydraulic press, the weight of free forgings is more than one hundred tons, the complexity of forgings due to the appearance of multiple die surfaces has been significantly improved, the hollow pipe of the fu line can be directly formed in special forging equipment.

There is no doubt that with the development of forging technology, it will be more powerful to prove the role of forging method in industrial production and its influence on national economy is extremely far-reaching. The current situation of forging method in blank production will not only be changed, but also a new field will be developed in production scope. The production tasks of the forging industry, as mentioned earlier, are extremely arduous and onerous. The United States, Britain, West Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union. The total weight of forgings produced is equivalent to 5-8% of steel production, obviously in the tens of millions of tons. The annual production of iron and steel in China is increasing year by year. Although exact statistics of forgings production are lacking, it can be confirmed that the forging production capacity is among the best in the world based on the reality of the established entire industrial system.

At present, the material utilization rate of forgings at home and abroad with the continuous rise of the technological level, although there is a very obvious improvement, because it is still in the blank production stage, generally speaking, it is still in the range of 40 ~ 50%. The passage from forging to parts consumes a lot of machining time, and a lot of metal becomes scrap in the cutting process. Therefore, every advance in forging technology will have a huge economic return. For example, the original production of steel shell head rely on flat forging forging machine forming, and then by mechanical processing to size requirements, after the use of cold extrusion advanced technology, the whole machining process is removed, the liberation of machine tools, so as to greatly improve productivity and material utilization, improve working conditions and reduce production costs.