Forging process


Forging process is complex fine cutting chain rail section, degree of more stringent requirements for forging quality and fine, manufacturing requirements are also higher at the same time of mold processing. For the process and forgings site production process through strict control of mold processing system, precision cutting forgings mass production of my company to achieve the chain rail section, 0 ~ 2000 pieces of production per shift in 150.

If the size and position accuracy are guaranteed to cover the cutting surface, the cutting edge height should be assumed when punching and the workpiece should be completely pressed to ensure that the nitrogen spring has been punching and cutting again. At the beginning of cutting, it should be opened at the same time, and the workpiece should be in contact with the tread and the edge of the plate. After the forging is fixed, the punching of the head nut surface should be on both sides, and the stroke of ~ mm is 1 slower.

One of the main parts of the process machinery crawler chain rail section is crawler work, processing milling two sides of boring hole drilling bolt hole push nut surface its production process is: blanking die forging forming punching edge cutting heat. This process only cuts the flying edge in forging and even skin department, and the remaining amount is left in the subsequent machining to remove the tread, plate surface and nut surface.

The punching stroke of m pitch chain rail is determined by the calculation result and the general cutting station and fine cutting station of the 190m nitrogen spring of 4200-63 are both selected models. The quantity is two at each station. The pressure is 4.2T. Provide sufficient compression force, discharge force and discharge stroke this nitrogen spring can be used to lift forgings when punching and cutting.

The pitch chain rail joint is taken as an example. The supposed size of the parent surface is shown in Table 1. The two sides and the screw of the hot forgings at the end of the forging position, and the shrinkage ratio is 15/1000.

Enough to supply enough compression force and discharge force to ensure that in the process of punching and cutting, nitrogen spring is used as discharge element. As the working medium of the new elastic component nitrogen spring is a high pressure nitrogen, large, long stroke, smooth work it has a small volume, elastic, do not need to load the characteristics of the elastic curve gentle and safe, easy installation and adjustment of the mold, the use of life delay mold, the quality of the same to ensure the product.