Forging level analysis


China's forging industry is developed on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign technology. After years of technological development and transformation, the technological level of leading enterprises in the industry includes process design, forging technology, heat treatment technology, machining technology, product The detection and other aspects have been greatly improved.

(1) Process design Advanced manufacturers generally use thermal processing computer simulation technology, computer-aided process design and virtual technology to improve the level of process design and product manufacturing capabilities. Introduce and apply simulation programs such as DATAFOR, GEMARC/AUTOFORGE, DEFORM, LARSTRAN/SHAPE and THERMOCAL to realize computer design and process control of thermal processing.

(2) Most of the hydraulic presses with forging technology of 40MN and above are equipped with 100-400t.m main forging manipulators and 20-40t.m auxiliary manipulators, and a considerable number of manipulators are controlled by computer, which realizes the comprehensive control of the forging process of forgings , so that the forging accuracy can be controlled within ±3mm, and the on-line measurement of the forgings adopts a laser dimension measuring device.

(3) Heat treatment technology The focus is on improving product quality, improving heat treatment efficiency, saving energy, and protecting the environment. For example, the heating process of heating furnace and heat treatment furnace is controlled by computer, and the burner is controlled to realize automatic adjustment of combustion, furnace temperature adjustment, automatic ignition and heating parameter management; waste heat utilization, heat treatment furnace equipped with regeneration combustion chamber, etc.; The polymer quenching oil tank that effectively controls the cooling, and various water-based quenching media gradually replace the traditional quenching oil, etc.

(4) The proportion of CNC machine tools in the machining technology industry is gradually increasing. Some enterprises in the industry have machining centers, and are equipped with proprietary machining machines according to different types of products, such as five-coordinate machining centers, blade machining machines, roll mills, Roller lathes, etc.

(5) Quality assurance measures Some domestic enterprises have been equipped with the latest testing instruments and testing technologies, adopted modern automatic ultrasonic flaw detection systems with computer-controlled data processing, adopted various special automatic ultrasonic flaw detection systems, and completed various quality system certifications, etc. . The key production technology of high-speed and heavy-duty gear forging products has been continuously conquered, and industrial production has been realized on this basis. Based on the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and key equipment, China has been able to design and manufacture production equipment for high-speed and heavy-duty gear forgings. These equipment are close to the international advanced level. The improvement of technology and equipment level has effectively promoted the domestic forging industry. development of.