Application of Precision Forging in Automobile Industry


Application of Precision Forging in Automobile Industry
In recent years, due to the rapid development of precision forging technology, the progress of the automobile manufacturing industry has been promoted. Cold forgings and warm forgings are increasingly used in the automotive industry, and the shape of the product is getting closer and closer to the final shape. Precision forging will develop accordingly with the advancement of future processes and related technologies. In addition, based on the purpose of reducing production cost, reducing product weight, simplifying part design and manufacturing, and enhancing product added value, the field of metal plastic forming is actively developing towards high-precision net-shape forming technology.
The net shape is defined as follows:
(1) Compared with traditional plastic forming (Plastic Forming), it can obtain smaller follow-up machining, which can meet the size and tolerance requirements of the parts.
(2) Forming process that meets the size and tolerance requirements of the part without subsequent machining of the important parts of the formed part.
(3) Within the range of the size and tolerance of the parts, the forgings may not need the subsequent machining process.
Metal plastic working is now moving towards three major goals:
(1) Product precision (net shape parts development)
(2) Process rationalization (minimum investment cost and production cost are the principles of process integration and application)

(3) Automation and labor saving