Automotive forgings


With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the performance of automobiles has been continuously improved. It is manifested in forging parts, which requires better structure and mechanical properties of forgings. The following article mainly tells you about the open technology and application of large automotive forgings.

And automotive forgings include crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts, front axles, steering knuckles, half shafts, transmission gears and other components for engines. These forgings have complex shapes, light weight, poor working conditions and high safety requirements. Therefore, the demand for high-quality forgings with complex geometric shapes is increasing. Exploring the three-dimensional modeling and new forging technologies of these large forgings is particularly important for the development of automobile forgings, and is of great significance to the development of my country's automobile industry.

In this paper, advanced manufacturing technologies such as reverse engineering (RE), computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) are integrated into the development process of automobile forgings, and a complete forging development technology system is established. The main steps of the technical system are: 3D digital measurement of forgings, acquisition of surface data of forgings; point cloud processing, curve construction, surface reconstruction, solid modeling; forging modeling and hot forging die design; numerical simulation of forging forming process And process optimization and mold failure analysis. In the reverse modeling stage, taking the connecting rod of automobile forging as an example, the reverse engineering software Geomagic studio and UG Imageware are used to process the point cloud of the obtained connecting rod measurement model, and the point cloud for constructing the contour line or characteristic curve is extracted and used for CAD Modeling; in the finite element simulation stage, taking the steering knuckle of automobile forgings as an example, the plastic forming software Deform-3D is used to numerically simulate the forming process of the forgings, and the metal deformation of different reductions in the forming process, the material flow law, The results of mold filling, forging load, equivalent stress and strain distribution are analyzed, and the process is verified by analyzing the simulation results, which provides the basis for the optimization of mold structure design and the formulation of forming process.

The results show that, combined with reverse engineering technology and numerical simulation technology, a new view is put forward in the process of innovative design and production of large automotive forgings. The key technologies and practical skills in the process of reverse CAD modeling and finite element numerical simulation are introduced through specific examples of forgings, and the specific CAE analysis and calculation are carried out with Deform-3D software, which solves the problems in the actual production process and shortens the time required for production. The research and development time of automobile forgings reduces the production cost and improves the efficiency of product development, which shows that this basic research work has extensive guiding significance for the manufacture of large automobile forgings