Ring type forging


Ring forgings are rolling forgings into a circle, which can basically control the dimensional tolerance of the product and reduce the amount of turning.

In the international standard classification, ring forgings are related to length and angle measurement, steel products, chipless processing equipment, non-ferrous metal products, aerospace manufacturing materials, welding, brazing and low temperature welding, manufacturing forming process, nuclear energy engineering.

In the Chinese standard classification, ring forgings involve forgings, dies, steel ingots, billets, metal casting and forging materials for aviation and aerospace, comprehensive steel products, section steel, special-shaped steel, heavy metals and their alloys, rare light metals and their alloys, pipe fittings , clamps, seals, light metals and their alloys, non-metallic materials for aviation and aerospace, nuclear power plants, nuclear islands, casting.

The ring forgings produced by Tongxin Precision Forging Co., Ltd. are made of high-quality steel, which is strong and wear-resistant.

Here is real pictures of our ring forgings , welcome to contact us if any questions.