Is the tractor hard to drive


A tractor is easier to drive than a car if you just drive away
Walking tractors and small four-wheels are agricultural machinery, low speed, easy to master, and excellent visibility. For example, the small four-wheeled car in the picture above, the position of the rear head, the positions of the sides, and the position of the front wheels are all clear at a glance. Peek out a little bit and you can see the rear wheel. This vision is similar to walking on your own, basically there is no road you dare not cross.
Moreover, the tractor mainly works on the ground, so the gearbox has a particularly large gear ratio, which can maximize the torque of the engine and work vigorously. Therefore, when the tractor starts in first gear, there is no saying that there is no flameout as long as the throttle is slightly increased. Moreover, the tractor driver usually starts in third gear or more.
The difficulty of tractors is that the operation is more complicated than that of cars
It is embodied in the following aspects:
1. Gear
The gear lever of a walking tractor seems to have the same number of gears as a car. But did you know that this gearbox has 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears? Most people see this and don't know how to put in gear.
Most people really can't play, especially when switching between high and low speeds while driving, requiring a very fast hand speed to make it coherent. Otherwise, the vehicle speed will drop when you switch into high gear, and you will have to drag the gear after you release the clutch.
The gear position of the four-wheel tractor is even more unpredictable, with just a gear lever under the hip. People who haven't driven don't know how to put in gear at all. Fortunately, there is a gear diagram on the instrument panel of this tractor. Otherwise, you can’t drive without the teacher.
2. Startup method
And if you want to drive a tractor, you must have strong arms, otherwise you won’t even be able to play with the tractor’s key.
3. Tractors with trailers are really not easy to drive
Many people can go for a ride if they only drive such a front. After all, it's small and flexible, and it has good sight.
In fact, tractors in rural areas are often used in this way. With such a large trailer hanging on the back, it's okay to move forward, just pay attention to the difference in the inner wheel of the trailer. If you encounter a reversing, it will be fatal. In theory, this thing is the same principle as the semi-trailer of the A2. But almost everyone who drove this thing was a good one.
4. The walking tractor is too difficult to turn
The walking tractor has no steering wheel, only one handrail. Pinch the steering handle when turning, the front of the car will turn automatically, and the armrest will swing along with it when turning. And the higher the vehicle speed, the faster the front of the car swings when turning. Some novices can easily throw themselves out when driving at high speed. What's more terrible is that the steering control of the walking tractor is related to the towing condition of the vehicle.
The reason is simple, the walking tractor does not have a differential, and both wheels have power when moving forward. Pinch the steering can cut off the power of the wheel on the corresponding side, and the wheel on the other side will turn, and the front of the car will turn. Therefore, people have circulated such a mantra that "the walking tractor goes downhill is the reverse direction." This means that when turning to the right when going downhill, you need to pinch to the left. In fact, this statement does not hit the point. A rigorous statement should be: when the engine drives the wheels, the steering is positive, and when the engine brakes, the steering is reverse.
5. It is difficult to drive a tractor to work on the ground
Driving a tractor to work on the ground is not an easy task. For example, when sowing seeds, the driver must master the distance, and neither repeat nor miss sowing. This requires good eyesight and control. And when you turn around, you have to find a correct route and try not to crush an inch of land. Many people who can drive tractors don’t know how to sow seeds. Every year when the planting season comes, farmers will pick tractor drivers. A good tractor driver is followed by a bunch of people waiting for him to plant seeds, while a poorly skilled tractor driver is not used even if the car is idle.

So it is easy to start a tractor, but it is really difficult to use it as a tool.