What are the components of the car chassis system?


1. Transmission system: clutch, transmission, main reducer, half shaft, universal joint and transmission shaft;

To put it bluntly, the effect of the transmission device is the transmission system, which sends the driving force caused by the automobile engine to the driving wheel to make the vehicle run. Gradually from the automobile engine, the transmission device includes: clutch, gearbox, universal ball transmission system, automobile differential, transfer case, etc.

2. Driving system: frame, balance bar, axle, wheel, Yuanbao beam, shock absorber, sheep horn, support arm and three-way catalyst;

The driving system software of the vehicle is composed of window frame, trailer axle, suspension system, wheel and tire. Its effect is to receive the vehicle engine torque from the transmission device and cause the driving force to drive the vehicle; Bear the total weight of the vehicle, transmit and bear the ground effect on the axle force and torque of each direction on the wheel.

3. Steering system: steering shaft and tie rod;

The automobile steering system can change the driving direction of the vehicle and control the smooth driving route of the vehicle. What you can see is the automobile steering wheel, but in fact, the automobile steering wheel is operated by gear oil, and the gear oil control is turned into a rod to achieve the directional control of the car.

4. Braking system: brake disc, brake cylinder and brake pad.

Braking system software refers to a series of professional equipment that can cause braking energy on the vehicle. Its primary function is: the basis must be to slow down the vehicle or park within a short distance to ensure safe driving.

The automobile chassis is the supporting body of the car. With the change of the car body structure, the system software category included in the automobile chassis also changes.

The automobile chassis refers to a part of the window frame. The automobile installed on the window frame is basically composed of the automobile engine, gearbox, rotating shaft, suspension system, tire and steering wheel, which is called the automobile chassis.