The total output of Chinese forgings was 13.492,000 tons


The total output of Chinese forgings was 13.492,000 tons
Large forgings refer to free forgings produced by hydraulic press of more than 1000 tons and free forging hammer of more than 5 tons, and forgings produced by hot die forging equipment of more than 6000 tons and die forging hammer of more than 10 tons. The products have high comprehensive performance requirements, complex processes, and are mainly customized for the manufacture of key and important components of major equipment, such as steam turbine spindles and rotors, Marine forgings and metallurgical rolls.

Large forgings are divided into large die forgings, large free forgings, ring parts and large diameter thick wall seamless pipe fittings. The free forgings produced by the free forging hydraulic press of more than 1000 tons or the free forging hammer of more than 3 tons are large free forgings. Large die forging parts produced by a die forging press of more than 6000 tons, a hydraulic die forging press of more than 8000 tons or a die forging hammer of more than 10 tons are large die forging parts. Large forgings require strict internal quality and difficult production technology.

The development of large forgings is directly related to the development of emerging industries such as ships, offshore oil and gas equipment, hydraulic engineering equipment, new energy wind power, etc., so it is also one of the key industries in the "12th Five-Year Plan".

According to the Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, to promote structural adjustment of key industries, the equipment manufacturing industry should improve the level of research and development and system integration of basic technologies, basic materials, and basic components, strengthen the research and development and industrialization of complete sets of equipment with major technologies, and promote the intellectualization of equipment products. We will promote the transformation of equipment manufacturing from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, and make products numerically controlled, production green, and enterprises information-based. Equipment needed to develop strategic emerging industries and key areas such as infrastructure. We will promote the specialized production of basic technologies such as casting, forging, welding, heat treatment and surface treatment. Improve bearing, gear, grinding tools, hydraulic, automatic control and other basic parts level.

In the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, the Outline of the Plan states that aviation equipment, satellites and applications, rail transit equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment will be the focus of the equipment manufacturing industry. In terms of aviation equipment, we will vigorously develop a series of regional aircraft, focusing on breakthroughs in key engine technologies and equipment and air management systems. In terms of rail transit equipment, it will improve the autonomy of key components, form an independent innovation system and a modern industrial cluster, and focus on the research and development of high-speed trains, transit trains, intercity and urban express rail vehicles train operation control system; In terms of intelligent manufacturing equipment, emphasis will be placed on promoting precision and intelligent instrumentation and testing equipment, intelligent control systems, key basic parts, high-grade CNC machine tools and intelligent special equipment, so as to realize automation, intelligence, precision and green production process.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the forging industry has made comprehensive development and progress. In the market environment, enterprises have been swept away by great waves and survival of the fittest, and the layout has become increasingly rational and reasonable. The management level and degree of automation of enterprises continue to improve. Some leading enterprises begin to work on the layout of automation, digitalization and information manufacturing, and have made certain progress in automatic production and field data collection. The output bureau of Chinese forgings ranks first in the world. The total output of Chinese forgings is 13.492,000 tons, up 12.6% year on year.