Christmas introduction


Christmas introduction
Christmas (Christmas), December 25 each year, is a traditional holiday in the church calendar, it is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. At Christmas, most Catholic churches will first in December 24 Christmas Eve, that is, December 25 at midnight Mass, and some Christian churches will hold good news, and then celebrate Christmas on December 25; The Eastern Orthodox Church, another branch of Christianity, celebrates Christmas on January 7.
Santa Claus
The legend of Santa Claus is about to emerge thousands of years ago in Scandinavia. Odin, the Norse god of wisdom, art, poetry, and war, rode on his eight-legged horse to the ends of the earth in the cold of winter, punishing evil and handing out gifts. At the same time, his son, Thor, dressed in red, fought a dark battle with the ice gods using lightning as a weapon, and finally conquered the cold. According to pagan legend, Santa Claus is descended from Odin. There is also a legend that Santa Claus came from St.Nicholas, so Santa Claus is also called St.Nicholas. Because most of these stories celebrate the Christian spirit, their origins and plots are largely forgotten, but Santa Claus lives on in the spiritual world.
As the world changed, writers and artists began to describe Santa as the red-suited, white-bearded figure we are familiar with today. At the same time, different countries and cultures have different interpretations of Santa Claus. In Germany, legend has it that he dressed up as a holy child and put nuts and apples in children's shoes. He rode around in a horse-drawn carriage and watched people, especially children, who were rewarded with apples, nuts, and sweets if they behaved well. Bad boys get a whip. Parents have been inspired to adopt the legend to encourage their children to behave. Today, Christmas has become a national holiday. Santa Claus has become a favorite symbol and tradition of Christmas. The image of the jolly old elf, who drove his reindeer and pulled a sleigh full of toys and gifts from house to house, giving gifts to every child, has been deeply imbued in people's memory.

A cheery Christmas and the New Year hold lots of happiness for you!

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