Process evaluation of heat treatment of forgings


Quality assurance system This system includes two aspects, one is the business scope, responsibility and relationship between each department in the enterprise, and the other is to understand the internal management mode of heat treatment.
Forging process evaluation product quality is designed, but can complete the manufacturing process, how its process, this is the product process evaluation, is the heat treatment professionals and cold processing designers cooperate with each other to complete. In process evaluation, heat treatment technicians can understand the service conditions of parts, confirm whether the technical conditions of heat treatment are reasonable, whether the design structure is suitable for heat treatment, and whether the processing allowance before heat treatment is reasonable, etc.
Forgings selection of materials is reasonable, heat treatment technical conditions and heat treatment process is suitable for the selection of foreign materials, should be used in the original foreign brand, can not be used to write the code equivalent to the domestic brand.
The original chemical composition and metallurgical quality of the forging material and the supply status meet the requirements.
Whether the pretreatment process and times of forgings materials are enough, and can provide organizational preparation for the final heat treatment process of forgings, avoid repeated heat treatment process, and consider in combination with the supply state of raw materials, try to simplify the heat treatment process, but can not omit the necessary heat treatment process.
Forging processing craft route is reasonable, explore the effects of heat treatment process, to confirm whether the location of the heat treatment process, appropriate heat treatment at the time of the semi-finished product structure is reasonable, the cutting edges, burrs, blind holes, whether there is a thin wall thickness difference, forging the symmetry of the structure, such as the structure brings to the heat treatment is difficult, should be avoided. For the welded hollow seals, the gas outlet hole should be opened on the closed body to prevent heating blasting or cooling deformation.
Substituting materials: when substituting materials is necessary, the principle of substituting materials should follow the principle of substituting lower-level materials with higher-level materials, rather than substituting higher-level materials with lower-level materials.
Whether casting, forging and welding process closely related to heat treatment provides qualified structure for heat treatment, casting, forging and welding process not only provides shape conditions, but also controls the material structure state in the process.
Forging heat treatment technical requirements: the evaluation of technical requirements includes writing specifications, whether the standard is clear in the drawings, the integrity of the technical requirements, the rationality of the technical requirements, the regularity of the technical requirements, in line with the standards, the testing parts of the technical requirements, etc.

Determine whether the heat treatment process of forgings conforms to the process formulation principle. Confirm the production capacity of heat treatment of forging parts, and whether the equipment and tooling meet the requirements.