Process parameters of integral heat treatment of forging parts


Overall effective heat treatment process parameters include forging heating size, furnace charging way of furnace charging heating correction coefficient, the temperature of the furnace charging, heating speed, heating temperature of workpiece, through burning time, heat preservation time, atmosphere medium, furnace pressure (vacuum), quenching precooling time or temperature, the temperature of the quenching medium type and medium, the medium or workpiece temperature, and time Air cooling time, tempering process parameters and tempering times, etc.

The determination of the effective heating size of the workpiece: this is the key to the formulation of the whole process parameters, the determination of the effective size is a more complex process, on the one hand, the use of data parameter calculation, on the other hand, according to the shape of the previous workpiece to determine by comparison.

The speed of heating up has a very key influence on whether the cracking of workpiece is caused, and it is a potential influence element, which is not easy to attract people's attention.

The choice of cooling medium and the determination of cooling time should be based on each "continuous cooling transition curve", "cooling curves of rods with different diameters in water, oil and air", and hardenability curve.

Determination of the workpiece sequence time: according to the effective size of the forging and transformation curve, determine the degree of quenching process and organizational requirements, develop room temperature cooling time and sequence time.

Correlation of process parameters: for example, by using preheating method, the holding time during austenitizing should be appropriately shortened. The temperature point of the protective atmosphere and the explosion point of the gas.

Determination of auxiliary process of heat treatment: Auxiliary process is also one of the important processes in the process of heat treatment, including cleaning, straightening, shot peening, polishing, rust prevention.