Ball neck forging parts


The main function of the tow hook system is to tow trailers, yachts, motorcycles, trailers, bike racks, luggage and other equipment. With the rapid increase of the number of family cars, people have higher requirements for the use of cars, and put forward higher requirements for the functionality and aesthetics of the traditional fixed traction hook system, so the innovation of this product. High-end passenger car invisible traction hook (also known as ball neck arm) is a new type of traction hook, more convenient to use, higher strength, but at the same time more complex structure, more difficult to manufacture. At present, high-end passenger car invisible traction hook (also known as ball neck arm) is more and more widely used, the product demand is gradually increasing, has a broad market, high-end passenger car invisible traction hook (also known as ball neck arm) production development prospects. After a long time of research and development, yidu Tong Xin Precision Forging Co., Ltd. has overcome all kinds of technical problems, master the core production technology, the production scale is increasingly large. High-end passenger car invisible traction hook (also known as ball neck arm) production technology and equipment has been complete, in order to expand production needs to protect the core interests of the enterprise, so in the summary of product production results and application for achievement appraisal. The technical performance indexes of the project mainly include:

(1) The production material of traction hook is 42CrMo, and the hardness of forgings is 251-283Hb; 

(2) Forging error modulus: 1.0mm, residual flay: 1.0mm, bending and twisting: 1.2mm, surface profile: 1.2mm; 

(3) Forging weight: 7.1kg; 

(4). The size requirement is not so simple as conventional three-view, but multi-azimuth projection size requirement; 

(5) No crack in flaw detection. According to the characteristics of special traction hook with hole, sharp bend, slope, ball head and ball neck arm, the project team studied the manufacturing process of traction hook combined with production practice. The innovation is mainly reflected in the following aspects :

(1) the "progressive approach" is adopted to design scientific forging process. 

(2) the use of UG software assistance and the combination of human labor parting mold "comprehensive parting method", create the traction hook multiple forging of the special-shaped parting surface and design the corresponding mold cavity. 

(3) Using "copying method" to design the special fixture of traction hook car ball head and ball neck, and special fixture of fine milling large plane. 

(4) The "simulation method" is used to simulate the real installation state of parts, and the special checking fixture for traction hook is designed to detect the important machining dimensions and shape and position tolerance. 

(5) Forging tempering heat treatment adopts professional heat treatment equipment GST-1080 continuous operation furnace. 

The technology has been mature for mass production and is safe and reliable for the manufacture of various complex forgings. The main problems and improvement measures :

(1) the process is complicated and the cost is high, and the efficiency of hole milling is low. The plan is to complete the punching of large hole, small hole and correction at one station, eliminating the process of hole milling and saving the production cost. At present, the billet is made by drawing, bending and big head beating. The plan is to draw the billet by roller forging to further shorten the production time of a single piece and reduce the blank size of blanking, so as to improve the utilization rate of raw materials and save costs. In molding, trimming, correction punching middle hole station, plan to use robots to replace part of the manual, reduce the labor intensity of manual. 

(2) The degree of standardization of the design of this series of products is not high. In the future, the standardization level of the series of products will be improved through the training of technical personnel on standardized design, and various technical and quality documents such as mold design drawings, machining art cards and quality reference books will be further standardized. In the development of similar series of products, not only simply copy the previous products of the process and edit design drawings. 

(3) the quality of the forging and machining stability and production efficiency improvement, further reduce production cost, mould design and manufacture of speed to be accelerated, prepares to through out the domestic automobile forging production process advanced enterprises along the coast and further deep cooperation with universities, research institutes, the forging process and forging die design, die manufacture and repair, forging, heat treatment and mechanical The processing is further improved and optimized. Further improve the design of forging heat treatment hangers and transport and export transport AIDS. 

(4) By improving the heat treatment quality of the mold and surface treatment of the mold, improve the service life of the mold, increase the repairable times of the mold, improve productivity, reduce the cost of the mold and ensure the quality of the product. 

(5) The enterprise will comprehensively budget and control the cost of this series of products, undertake other products for the company in the future, and establish a scientific and reasonable price budget system and quotation system.