Free forgings/large forgings and related industries (including rings with diameters above 500mm and thick wall seamless steel tubes)


Free forging, large forgings and related industries (including rings with diameters over 500mm and thick-walled seamless steel tubes) are the highest level of forging, which is very difficult. The production characteristics are generally small batch, multi-variety and multi-batch production mode. Due to the small number of individual varieties, there is no complete, mature and transferable production process. In most cases, producing each forgings or parts is a process trial and innovation. Therefore, questions about process and technology and automation are not included in this survey. If automation is discussed in this industry, we can only say that "automation based on reducing labor intensity" is particularly important, followed by ensuring the controllability and consistency of "production action". It seems inappropriate to introduce the concept of complete automation into this industry, which is determined by the process mode of free forging.

Enterprises or experts engaged in this industry are quite aware of the problems existing in technology and process, and the research and innovation ability of basic generic technology is relatively weak. The quality stability of large forgings is insufficient. First, the basic research of material mechanics and the accumulation of data are not enough, and the database that can support the independent research and development of products has not been formed. It is difficult to establish accurate boundary conditions in some process manufacturing. Second, there is a big gap between the application level of equipment digitization, automation, information technology and detection technology and advanced countries. The proportion of manual work is high, and the quality of products is obviously affected by human factors of operators. Third, there is a big gap between the concept and management level of lean manufacturing and the international advanced level.

For a long time in the past, the production of free forging and large forgings in China lacked effective accumulation, and was also affected by foreign competition and domestic user preference. The practice opportunities did not increase with the development of domestic construction. While the state supports the development of the industry, users suppress the use of industry products, which deviates from the thought of "practice is the only standard to test truth", and the speed and quality of the industry development is not very ideal.

At present, the world is establishing "integrated technology from materials to forged products". While trying to find "commonality", it also establishes rules to determine "characteristics", which requires our industry to pay special attention to. This survey is mainly about "industry and enterprise informatization". Based on the actual development level of the industry and enterprise, enterprises need the function of "big data analysis" more, so it is particularly important to master information technology.

At present, the country advocates to improve the construction of industrial chain and supply chain, and enterprises begin to pay attention to the construction of process chain, which provides certain opportunities for the development of the industry. We hope that this momentum can be continuously strengthened to promote the healthy and high-quality development of the industry.

According to the results of the survey, there is a shortage of talents to meet the needs of the industry informatization, and it is very important for enterprises to carry out secondary development according to the characteristics of their product process production. In addition, we can also deeply feel that the information work of free forging/heavy forging and related industries (including rings with diameter over 500mm and thick wall seamless steel pipe) is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go in the future. In the promotion and application of informatization in the industry, enterprises should first set up special personnel posts, which are personally managed and promoted by the head of the enterprise, so as to form a working atmosphere for research and establishment of informatization system within the enterprise, but there is obviously no mature reference.

The problems listed below are closely related to the problems selected above, and are more specific and detailed. The realization of informatization also needs to do this work. When solving the above problems, if the following problems can not be solved well, the results will not be successful.

There is still a long way to go in the field of free forging, large forgings and related industries (including rings with diameters over 500mm and thick-walled seamless steel tubes).