open die forging/ free forging


In recent years, China's large-scale free forging equipment investment has grown rapidly, especially a large number of private enterprises enter the industry, but most of them are concentrated in the middle and low-end forgings, so that the market competition of middle and low-end forgings in the industry tends to be white-hot, while high-end forgings still can not meet the market demand, and still need to be imported in large quantities. Therefore, large-scale free forging in advanced forging equipment and high-end forging manufacturing technology still need to introduce, digest, absorb foreign advanced forging equipment and process manufacturing technology, the International free forging conference organized by China forging Association provides such a platform for us, the development of China's free forging is very meaningful.

This conference introduced a lot of foreign advanced forging equipment, such as SMS, WEPUKO, DDS, etc., which is of great reference significance for the further upgrade and transformation of China's large free forging equipment. However, it is a pity that there is less introduction of large advanced forging technology abroad. It is suggested to invite technical experts from universities, research institutions and enterprises in Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia and other countries which are more advanced in large-scale free forging technology in the future.

If China's free forging industry is divided into large free forging press (6000T or above) and small and medium free forging press (6000T or below, fast forging, precision forging and ring rolling machine, etc.), the gap with the international advanced level is obvious, but the characteristics are different:

For large free forging, at present, everyone is very enthusiastic about the press itself, but the press supporting plant, forging manipulator, heating and heat treatment furnace investment is insufficient, so that the role of the press play a discount. For example, several large heavy machinery factories of the new ten thousand tons of press without exception in the original ten thousand tons of press locomotive arrangement or the original car indirect long, workshop span is small, workshop is low, the working area is narrow, heating furnace configuration is less, on the capacity of ten thousand tons of press play a greater impact. , on the other hand, the large free forging manufacturing technology research, in their own way often, failure to form resultant force, caused good energy research and development of various repeating invest a lot of money, I think, should give full play to the role of the industry association in the future, to integrate various powerful enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, make full use of national policy, focus on research, achievement sharing, To improve the overall technical level of large-scale free forging in China.

For small and medium-sized free forging, the current domestic mainly low level of repeated construction, only to meet the workshop type of single small batch production, failed to achieve professional and mass production. To appear in a large number of domestic rolling ring machine as an example, the foreign rolling ring machine generally consists of a steel ingot sufficiently fast forging unit, a special pressure upsetting punching machine, and many sets of reclaimer, large cross-section cutting machine and 10-20 heating furnace and the rolling ring units into production line, high production efficiency, a production line of the ring is often an annual capacity of 100000 tons. Therefore, the development direction of small and medium-sized free forging industry is to gradually eliminate backward production capacity through industrial integration and realize specialized and mass production.

Large free forging manufacturing process is a technology intensive, capital intensive and resource intensive high-level manufacturing process, to complete the nuclear power rotor, hydrogenation and power station and other high-end large forgings production, only depend on a few big tonnage press is not enough, need from smelting, forging, heat treatment process in equipment, personnel, technology research and development on a large, continuous investment, It is not easy to establish a perfect system and form a corporate culture overnight. Taking nuclear power as an example, only the first, second, Shanghai and CITIC Heavy Industries are capable of producing large nuclear forgings at present, while other enterprises still have a long way to go to reach this level.

However, with the over-investment of large press, it can be foreseen that the competition in large forgings industry, especially in the production of forgings with a low technical threshold, will tend to become white hot, which should cause our great attention.

The present new tens of thousands of tons of increase tonnage press is not simple, but in order to meet the nuclear power of large diameter tube section, shell and tube plate forgings contour forging the needs of the design of open archives press, with the increase of width of the press and for improvement of forging action, span, layout of workshop and equipment also put forward higher requirements. Take citic Heavy's 18,500-ton press as an example. The main span of the press forging plant is longer and higher, ensuring sufficient working area and space; The supporting forging manipulator not only has a large lifting torque and a wide range of jaw movement, but also is equipped with a 550-ton forging crane for auxiliary operation, which facilitates the forging of large tonnage ingot. Adequate heating and heat treatment furnaces are necessary to ensure the smooth forging process. In a word, the design of a ten thousand ton locomotive room is a complex system design process, any planning is not in place may lead to the subsequent difficulty of forging and efficiency reduction