Aluminum alloy has great value in automobile lightweight2


China has just started, but faW, SECOND automobile and other large automobile enterprises are beginning to research and development, with the increase of automobile production (2010 China's automobile output is expected to reach 15 million/year, the world's automobile output may break through 70 million/year), the amount of aluminum wheel and other aluminum forgings will get amazing development. At present, the manufacturing methods of aluminum alloy wheels commonly used in industry are mainly casting method and forging method. Casting method is divided into gravity casting and pressure casting method. The structure density and uniformity of casting wheel products are poor, and the mechanical properties are also low. The manufacturing accuracy (thickness) is also poor, and the subsequent processing is large, which cannot meet the performance requirements of lightweight passenger cars with high reliability, and cannot meet the impact resistance and fatigue life and bearing capacity requirements of commercial vehicle wheels.
And forging method for production of aluminum alloy automobile wheel mechanical performance is good, the structure of high strength, light weight (wall thickness), high impact resistant ability, the advantages of excellent anti-corrosion performance and fatigue resistance, can meet the requirements of commercial vehicle wheels, therefore, becoming a car, especially limousine and large, heavy, luxury passenger car and truck accessories of choice for the wheels, There is a trend to replace cast aluminum alloy wheels. For example, the 6061T6 automobile wheel produced by aluminum Company of America with 80MN forging hydraulic press has the same grain deformation direction and force direction, strength and toughness and fatigue strength are much higher than the cast alloy wheel, and the weight is reduced by 20%, the elongation can reach 12% ~ 16%. Moreover, it has high shock absorption and pressure bearing capacity and strong impact bearing capacity.
In addition, forged aluminum wheel of high density, no loose, pinhole, no pores on the surface, has a good surface treatment performance. Coating uniform, high binding force, color harmony and beautiful. Forged aluminum wheels have good machinability. Thus, forged aluminium wheels with light weight, high specific strength, good toughness and fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, easy to machining, circular degree good, impact resistance, the use of safe, easy maintenance, use of low cost, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful and durable, etc, is car wheel transportation ideal material of moving parts, such as have broad application prospects.
(5) In the energy and power industry, aluminum forgings will gradually replace some steel forgings to make racks, guard rings, moving rings and stationary rings, as well as coal transportation wheels, liquefied natural gas flanges, nuclear power plant fuel racks, etc., generally are large and medium-sized forgings.

(6) Ships and naval ships use aluminum forgings as racks, moving rings and stationary rings, turret racks, etc.

(7) in the machinery manufacturing industry, currently mainly used for the production of woodworking machinery, textile machinery in the frame, slider, connecting rod and twisted coil, etc., only with twisted coil aluminum forgings for textile machines, China needs tens of thousands of pieces every year, weighing more than 1500 tons.

(8) In the mold industry, aluminum alloy forgings are used to make rubber molds, shoe molds and other light industry molds.

(9) In the transportation machinery, train locomotive industry, aluminum alloy forgings are widely used as cylinders, piston skirt bands, etc. Tens of thousands of forgings such as cylinders and piston skirts of 4032 alloy are consumed annually in China alone.

(10) Other aspects, such as electronic communications, household appliances, sports equipment and other aspects also began to use aluminum forgings instead of steel, copper and other materials forgings.

With the increasing demand of aluminum alloy for automotive lightweight and new energy vehicles, Roweis profile machine also occupies an important position in the automotive industry processing. Automobile luggage rack, bumper, pedal, skylight guide, decorative strip and other processing as well as new energy vehicle battery tray can also be deeply processed by Roweis equipment.