buy China cheap Chain Pole Forging


Die Chain Pole Forging is made of round steel bar die forging forming, in the process of forging on the material of the fibre has certain strength, after forging the chain organization is more close, because the strength design, such as forging chain is compared with the roller chain and chain plate, and the chain is the lightest weight, the strength and intensity can be realized when the chain pitch minimum (adapt to high speed). Scraper of various structures can be arranged, die forged chain buried scraper conveyor, die forged chain traction component, but also bearing component, can add all kinds of guide rail, return easy to achieve loose side chain guide design, can effectively prevent deviation.

Chain Pole Forging production process

Bar material blanking -- intermediate frequency furnace heating -- free forging (hit the shape of big and small heads) -- 1000T~1600T press die forging -- cutting edge -- milling big head fork -- drilling cutter hole -- milling big head arc -- heat treatment (quenching and tempering or carburizing) -- surface cleaning shot blasting -- magnetic flaw detection -- warehousing

Chain Pole Forging is mainly used in chemical industry, building materials, metallurgical industry, mining, electric power industry, port and so on.

The following is a detailed picture of our Chain Pole Forging.