Development trend of auto parts industry


The following four trends can be analyzed in terms of the development of auto parts in China:

1. International industrial transfer is accelerating, mergers and acquisitions are active

At present, the sales volume of most domestic auto parts enterprises is low. Compared with the multinational giants with sales of up to ten billion dollars, the scale of Chinese auto parts enterprises is obviously smaller. And China's manufacturing exports has been known for its cheap, large multinational enterprises to effectively reduce the production cost, develop new market to low-cost countries and regions not only mass transfer production link, and the range of will shift gradually extended to research and development, design, procurement, sales and after-sales service, the size of the transfer is more and more big, the level is higher and higher.

The quickest way for domestic spare parts enterprises to occupy a place in the future international market competition is to form large-scale spare parts enterprise groups through merger and reorganization. The merger and reorganization of parts enterprises is more urgent than the vehicle, if there is no big parts enterprises, the cost can not come down, the quality can not go up, the development of the whole industry will be extremely difficult. Domestic parts and components enterprises are small in scale, weak in strength and lack of RESEARCH and development ability. In this context, if the parts and components industry wants to develop rapidly, it must speed up mergers and reorganizations to form scale effect.

2, auto parts enterprises actively implement systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply, auto parts industrial cluster development characteristics are obvious

From the perspective of the development process of auto parts industry in the world's major auto producing countries, the development of auto parts industry cluster and the development of auto industry are in an equally important position, and it is the strategic choice of auto parts industry to develop into an industrial cluster in order to become bigger and stronger. Vehicle enterprises use platform strategy in product development, systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply gradually become the development trend of auto parts industry. At the same time, the development characteristics of auto parts industry cluster are more and more obvious.

3. The global procurement of auto parts will become a trend, but in the future, China will still focus on export and internationalization

With the change of the organization structure of auto parts industry, more and more oems will implement the global procurement of parts. However, China's large-scale manufacturing industry and the characteristics of high quality and low price are unlikely to change in a short time, so auto parts will still be exported and internationalized for a period of time in the future. At present, international purchasers are becoming more rational and practical in purchasing from China by selecting and cultivating potential core suppliers. Increase their own logistics integration; Strengthen communication with foreign factories in China to improve their enthusiasm for export; The process of Purchasing in China can be promoted by dispersing the purchasing destination and comparing with other emerging markets to determine the purchasing location. According to analysis, although international buyers are becoming more cautious about Purchasing from China, export and internationalization will continue to be the main theme of China's local component manufacturers in the next decade.

4. Main trends of new technology development of auto parts

The development of new technology of auto parts shows the following main trends: the development depth is deepening; The degree of universalization and standardization of components has been improved; Electronic and intelligent parts and components; The lightweight of vehicle and parts will become the future development trend; Clean and environmental technology will become the commanding point of industrial competition in the future.