Professional large forging manufacturer


High speed and heavy duty gear forgings produced by forging belong to precision forgings with high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. They are supported and encouraged to keep pace with national requirements. In addition, forging has been engaged in the production of various high-speed and heavy-duty gear forgings for a long time, and has rich production experience and technical reserves in this field. It is an independent professional forging enterprise facing the market.

At present, China's heavy equipment manufacturing industry, forgings demand is large, high quality requirements, especially all kinds of high strength, high precision forgings still need to import, has become one of the bottlenecks in the development of China's heavy equipment manufacturing industry. National policies to encourage and support the development of forging enterprise, actively encourage forging products to "motors, digital and efficient, lightweight, low energy consumption," the direction of development, speed up the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and through independent innovation, the introduction of technology, joint development, joint manufacturing, improve the level of forging product localization, To meet the growing demand of forgings for national economic growth.

Under the policy background of encouraging the development of high-end forging industry, Tongxin Forging promotes technological innovation, improves the construction level of research and development platform, and ensures the continuous improvement of technological innovation capacity. A specific mechanism for continuous innovation has been formulated. First, the project decision-making mechanism has been improved and a system for the application and approval of scientific research projects has been established. Second, increase investment in technological research and development. Third, continue to invest in talent introduction and r&d team construction to enhance the company's core competitiveness. Fourth, strengthen the construction of innovation incentive mechanism, strengthen the performance assessment of technical personnel and management personnel, improve the existing human resources management by objectives, salary and performance assessment. Five, further promote ERP management, focus on strengthening the management of process information and the application of digital technology.

A number of national support policies are conducive to the further research and development of high-speed heavy-duty gear forgings with high technological content and high added value by utilizing the existing advantages in management, scale and technology. With the rapid development of the high-speed heavy duty gear industry and the equipment manufacturing industry of the end customers, the demand for high-speed heavy duty gear forging is huge, which helps to give play to its advantages and achieve faster development.