What are automobile forgings and forgings definition


The so-called forgings refer to the metal through plastic deformation to shape the required shape or the appropriate compression force of the object, such as ancient mass production of iron can be called forgings, is a piece of metal through pressure molded into the way you want. The fine grain structure is built through the forging process and the physical properties of the metal are improved. (Tongxin Forgings Co., LTD., specializing in the production of all kinds of hot forging forgings, cold extrusion parts, cold drawing parts) in the actual use of parts, (forgings: Hot forgings, cold extrusion parts, please contact tongxin forging) a correct design can make the grain flow in the direction of main stress, and the forging is not only to shape modelling can, is each requirements are consistent, there is no porous, redundant space and other flaws, as modern forging generally used in the structure of the plane or a car.

As an ordinary car, more than 70% of the parts on the general car are forgings, including 15 parts of the car body, car compartment, engine, front and rear bridge, frame and gearbox. So as automobile forging, (tongxin forging is a professional forging manufacturer, products include various types of vehicles, such as forging, machinery spare parts forgings) forging must be required by the high safety coefficient, because generally use what are part of the camshaft and crankshaft or steering knuckle, transmission gear, etc., these parts are related to the vehicle on the road safety, So the craftsmanship is very high. (find a claw pole, slider, pipe fittings and other hot forgings, cold extrusion parts, cold-drawn pieces finding of forgings) automobile forging is the basic requirement of complex shape, light weight, poor working conditions, high degree of safety requirement, so for manufacturers generally use forgings are have quality assurance and proven by mass production, like a mass hanging off just after the individual case, of course, Because it's directly related to the safety of the occupants.

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here is door hinge forging picture: