The component chosen by 90% of European car carriers -ball neck traction device


In GB1589-2016, in order to improve the efficiency of transportation, the center axle car carrier product is added to the standard. Although this is a more efficient transportation model, it is still a brand new model for most Chinese manufacturers. Not only in design, but even in the selection of key spare parts, it seems at a loss.
In the sub-venue of "Focus on the Car Carrier Market" of the 2016 China Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Development International Forum, Dr. Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Jost Company in Asia, delivered a speech entitled "Discussion on the Upgrade and Application of the Core Components of Center-mounted Axle Transport Vehicles" "speech.
Dr. Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Yost Asia
Rockinger is a brand of Jost. In 2001, the brand joined Jost and became an important member of Jost. ROCKINGER has had a significant influence on the technological development of traction units for full trailers, and the high quality of its products has made it synonymous with products in this field. In 2015, the ROCKINGER brand was jointly named the best brand in the traction gear industry by three European professional commercial vehicle media, "trans aktuell", "lastautoomnibus" and "FERNFAHRER" for the eleventh consecutive year.
Rockinger's spherical traction devices are widely used in Europe, mainly used in central axle cars, agricultural transport vehicles and forestry transport vehicles.
Dr. Miller focused on the ROKU*80 ball neck traction device to us, he said: "The proportion of ball neck traction used in car carriers in the European market is as high as 90%. As an independent traction component manufacturer, Jost has ROKU*80 The range of ball hitches leads the European car carrier market."

ROKU*80 ball neck traction has been successfully used by many domestic and foreign manufacturers!