Precision Auto Parts - History of Forgings


Forging has a long history in China, and it has been continued through the production method of manual workshops. Probably in the early 20th century. It only gradually appeared in the railway, ordnance, shipbuilding and other industries with the production method of mechanical industrialization. The main hallmark of this shift is the use of machines with powerful forging capabilities.

In the process of automobile manufacturing, forging is widely used. With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of workpiece precision requirements, precision forging technology with high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, high quality and other advantages has been more and more widely used. According to the different deformation temperatures during metal plastic forming, precision cold forging can be divided into cold forging, temperature forming, sub-hot forging, hot precision forging, etc. The auto parts produced include: automobile clutch engagement ring gear, automobile transmission input shaft parts, bearing rings, automotive constant velocity universal joint sliding sleeve series products, automotive differential gears, automotive front axles, etc.