The feature of the open die forging


1) (Open die forging)Large weight range. Forgings can range from a few grams to hundreds of tons

2) (open die forging)Higher quality than castings. The mechanical properties of forgings are better than those of castings and can withstand large impact force and other heavy loads. Therefore, forgings are used for some important and stressed parts. [1]
For high carbide steel, the quality of forgings is better than that of rolled products. For example, high speed steel rolling can meet the use requirements only after modification and forging. In particular, the high-speed steel milling cutter must be forged.

3) (open die forging)The heaviest is the lightest. On the premise of ensuring the design strength, the forging is lighter than the casting, which reduces the weight of the machine itself. It is of great significance for vehicles, aircraft, vehicles and Zizhou aviation equipment.
open die forging