The quality inspection of the open die forging(1)


(1) Geometry and dimensions of the open die forging
The overall dimensions of general forgings shall be tested with steel ruler, caliper, sample plate and other measuring tools; Die forgings with complex shape can be accurately detected by marking method.

(2) Surface quality of the open die forging
Cracks, crushing and folding defects on the surface of forgings can generally be found with the naked eye. Sometimes, when the crack is very small and the depth of the fold is unknown, it can be observed after clearing the shovel; Flaw detection method can be used when necessary.

(3) Internal organization of the open die forging
If there are cracks, inclusions, looseness and other defects in the forging, the macro structure on the forging section can be checked with the naked eye or 10 ~ 30 times magnifying glass. The commonly used method in production is acid etching inspection, that is, cutting samples from the parts of forgings to be inspected and etching with acid solution can clearly show the defects of macro structure on the section, such as forging streamline distribution, cracks and inclusions.