The superiority of the forging parts


4) The forging parts save raw materials. For example, when the crankshaft with a static weight of 17kg is cut and forged by rolling, the chip accounts for 189% of the crankshaft weight, while when die forging is adopted, the chip accounts for only 30%, and the machining working hours are shortened by 1 / 6.
Precision forged forgings can not only save more raw materials, but also save more machining hours.

5) The forging parts has High productivity. For example, using two hot die forging presses to die forge radial thrust bearings can replace 30 automatic cutting machines. The productivity of six axis automatic lathe is 17.5 times higher than that of M24 nut produced by top forging automata.

6) Free forging(the forging parts) has great flexibility. Therefore, forging methods are widely used in some repair and manufacturing plants to produce various accessories.