The usage of the forging parts


⑤ (forging parts)Forgings for pressure vessels, such as cylinder, kettle ring flange and head, etc.

⑥ (forging parts)Marine forgings, such as crankshaft, tail shaft, rudder stock, thrust shaft and intermediate shaft.

⑦ (forging parts)Forging machinery and equipment, such as hammer head, hammer rod, column of hydraulic press, cylinder block, pillar and cylinder block of axle press, etc.

⑧ (forging parts)Module forgings are mainly forging dies for hot die forging hammers.

⑨ Forgings for automobile industry, such as left and right steering knuckles, front beam, coupler, etc. according to statistics, forged parts account for 80% of their mass in automobiles.

⑩ Locomotive forgings, such as axles, wheels, leaf springs, crankshaft of locomotives, etc. according to statistics, forged parts account for 60% of the mass of locomotives.

(forging parts)According to statistics, forging parts account for 65% of the mass of military forgings, such as gun barrel, door body, bolt support and traction ring